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Kitchen lab is a space to do and discuss science, where

places and backgrounds do not decide your ability to do science  



Our Story

After returning from a workshop organized by Collaborative Undergraduate Biology Education, HBCSE, where undergraduate researchers are promoted to do science, a thought of "Why science is limited to certain institutes and places?",

kept bothering Binita for a month.

However, Ranchi(Jharkhand) was new to the idea of Undergraduate research and it was intimidating and looked bizarre at first. The idea that a 2nd year bachelor's student could open a lab at home sounds crazy. With a dozen of hypotheses and proposal of opening a lab, she sought approval of her family in which 22 people live under the same roof, it was difficult to convince but eventually they agreed. 

After a week of ideating the idea she replaced her mom's kitchen into her

Kitchen Lab on June 6th,2017.

 Starting with just a bottle of Fruit flies and an earthworm pit, it went on its voyage to influence

 21 students from different academic ,social and cultural background .These 21 people were closely associated and several others participated in weekly discussions with the lab in these 4 years. We have realized that The Kitchen lab is not only a place to perform experiments but it's an idea that empowers young brains to do science from wherever they are.

Latest Updates


With an intention to popularize science we have recently started Virtual kitchen lab on June 6th, 2021. This is a platform where people in science share their journey to encourage viewers to do science. We are streaming the videos in YouTube. You can also find us in spotify soon. 

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