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Questions & Innovations

Welcome to the most exciting section of our website.

Let's discuss what we do! Please don't hesitate to share your opinion or get in touch with us for any further detail.  

We started our journey with only 2 model organisms and 3 questions. In just 19 months we had 8 model organisms and n number of questions. We are planning to publish all the tricks and techniques which we have developed via blogs. STAY TUNED!  

Fruit Flies- 1. Circadian Rhythm 2. Olfactory response of lab breed v/s native. 3. Climbing response


Earthworm- 1.Nerve cord regeneration. 3.Feeding behavior 4.Mating strategies

Gaint African Snail- 1.Memory and Learning 2.Mating

zebra fish 1

Zebra Fish- 1. Mating Strategies. 2. Sleep 3. Cognition

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-19 at 00.11.41

Hydra(Cloro/Brown)- 1.Bud Formation. 2. Prey Predator relationship.

Zooplankton- 1.Identification 2.What they eat? 3.Prey Predator Relationship


Planaria- 1. Regeneration. 2. Feeding

Cardamine- 1.Identification 2.Floral Dip method



Arduino Nano boards-

 To check temperature and humidity to standardize experiments.


Jugad Microscope- 

1.Combination of  Magnifying glasses 

2. Mobile microscope with glass bead from lens.


Test tubes made out of tube lights for

climbing assay.


Fish Breeding Chamber using food

containers and mosquito new.


Humidifying chambers using glass box and news paper.


Nematode isolator using cardboard box

and nylon stockings.


Incubator using sand, husk and bitumen


Please Read-
A.  None of the organisms used for our experiments are-
1) Classified endangered or at risk.
2) Venomous.
B. We have not used any chemical that is not allowed to keep at home.  
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